11 Cyber Holidays To Plan For [List]

All holidays are NOT equal. Cyber ones are better.

There are a total of 11 cyber holidays that you should be aware of. Some of these cyber days may be an “eye roll” for some but ultimately its a good clue in to when and when not to run promotional campaigns and communication threads with your customer base.

1. American Thanksgiving – Thursday, 11/26/2015

Some analysts are predicting that Thanksgiving day 2015 will be bigger than Black Friday (the following day). Some online vendors are even launching their Black Friday sales as early as a week before Thanksgiving.

That is like putting up your Christmas tree on Halloween. Whatever you feel is practical, I do not have any data for this one.

Commerce holidays 2 through 11 can be more about striking deals and capturing order revenue, but do not forget to take some time for yourself on 11/26 and give thanks for everything you have been afforded.

Black Friday 2015.

Black Friday should bode well for all ecommerce shops.

2. Black Friday – Friday, 11/27/2015

Okay back to the deals! Originally this commerce holiday was generated by brick and mortar shops for shoppers to trample each other and race aloof to some heavily discounted electronics, however, Black Friday is not just about retail only deals anymore. In fact, REI is closing their doors, saying “The outdoors and our website are always open.”

2014 saw a jarring $2.4 billion pass over the web, in an almost 45 degree angle, 24 percent increase over the previous year.

Expect an excellent turnout from your customers this coming Black Friday and freshen things up in stark black.

3. Sofa Sunday – Sunday, 11/29/2015

This is the “eye-roll” I mentioned earlier. The Guardian describes Sofa Sunday as a day where “everyone dresses up in impractical loungewear and goes shopping on their mobile devices”.

For a person to be on the couch, they are either on their laptop or some form of mobile device. Enter M-commerce (“M” of course standing for “mobile”).

Sofa Sunday Takeaway

Expect your Sofa Sunday customers to be shopping late, attempting to uncover any secret or strategic deals right before Cyber Monday.I really hope your website is mobile friendly, there really is no excuse at this point.

4. Cyber Monday – Monday, 11/30/2015

This is it. This is what you have been waiting for. Cyber Monday is Justin Bieber’s latest ear candy album of the e-commerce calendar. The most profitable online day ever recorded was Cyber Monday 2014. $2.65 billion in sales came through the wires of the internet and business owners pulled out all the stops to make it so.

Cyber Monday Advice

It is extremely advisable to capitalize on this day and make sure you staff appropriately and have your web hosting on the up and up before the flood gates open.

5. Green Monday – Monday, 12/14/2015

eBay, the online auctioning mogul, coined this holiday term in 2007. Everyone thinks this is Green like Christmas, and a few people think it means being economical, HAHA. However, green most definitely refers to money here and marks eBay’s best December sales day.

Green Monday Planning

This is likely you customers last opportunity, besides Free Shipping Friday, to place orders and not have to take out a small title loan for expeditious shipping costs.

6. Free Shipping Day – Friday, 12/18/2015

This cyber holiday could not be any more dubious ;). Free Shipping Day is an excellent opportunity to guarantee “By Christmas” shipping. There are a solid 4 week days and a Saturday available for shipping providers to make the holiday trek to your customers doorstep.

Free Shipping Day Adjustments

Check with your shipping providers a month in advance to determine how you might capitalize on this cyber holiday. Just remember, naughty or nice, do not make promises you cannot keep.

7. Super Saturday – Saturday, 12/19/2015

Before the times of the Black Friday boom and the Cyber Monday sell outs, there was a holiday called Super Saturday. The last Saturday before Christmas Day was (and still can be) the most profitable day of the year.

Today, it remains a driving force with retailers because the focus is pinned on last-minute shoppers and deal seekers who did not get their fill of earlier in the holiday season.

Super Saturday Thoughts

Try and take advantage of the fact that this is the weekend. People will be traveling more and on their mobile devices quite a bit. Keep your messaging simple and efficient.

8. Christmas Eve – Thursday, 12/24/2015

Most of the shopping will have concluded by Christmas Eve. All of the gifts are wrapped neatly and folks are traveling or spending time with family.

Save any major shipping providers like Amazon PRIME Now, or other same day shippers, your products might not might it through checkout. Expect high amounts of abandoned carts if your shipping methods wont deliver your product before Christmas Day.

Christmas Eve Wisdom

This might be a good opportunity to focus on digital products. Downloads, pre-order items with print outs, and gift certificates would be solid promotional items for 12/24.


If you need a pick me up this holiday, just tune into Bieber’s latest album on Spotify. 🙂

9. Christmas Day – Friday, 12/25/2015

Christmas Day is a VERY good time to capitalize on extra store sales. Retail shops will be slow of course, but 2014 showed an approximate 8.25% increase in online sales over the previous year on Christmas Day.

How to utilize Christmas Day

Use this as an opportunity to offer up a round of Pre-Boxing Day sales funnels and drive some extra traffic to your store. It could be guessed that peripherals, accessories, and other smaller items would be a big hit as most of the larger purchases would have been premeditated prior to Christmas Day.

10. Boxing Day – Saturday, 12/26/2015

Very similar to Black Friday, Boxing Day is a 7 day event extending from Christmas all the way up until New Years Eve.

Customers available for Boxing Day are typically looking for the latest round of e-deals, coupon codes, or a final year-end steal all from the comfort of their in-laws living room.

Boxing Day Tips

There will also be a plethora of first time mobile phone users (kids) wanting to try out their new toys and purchase something from their Samsung galaxy S6 edge using their parents google wallet account.



11. New Year’s Eve – 12/31/2015

This is it. The last day of the year (hopefully a very fruitful shopping season) is a time to gather your wits and thank your lucky stars.

E-commerce businesses are typically logging inventory and tallying order totals, and making a game plan to keep customers back to their stores in 2016.

Relax, You Did It. 2015 Is Done Done!

At the end of the day, you should congratulate yourself with a warm slice of buttermilk pie and a raised glass of champagne. It is a new year and the space of e-commerce is only getting bigger.

Concluding 2015 – The Year of the Sheep

Every cyber holiday has a different dynamic and needs that require filling. Try and imagine what YOUR customers might be doing and thinking during that time, then generate an enticing deal that will make sense for both you and the customer.

Cyber holiday sales can be an excellent opportunity to solidify your brand or create some reasonable separation between you and your competition.

Do not expect brand loyalty this holiday season and use that opening to capitalize on curious shoppers to make them lifelong customers.

Happy Holidays
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