13 Reasons You Should be Moving to a Better Ecommerce Platform


13 Reasons You Should be Moving to a Better Ecommerce Platform

Is your online business growing? Many companies have learned the hard way about the challenges that arise with scaling their ecommerce store to accommodate an increase in sales. Frustration over manually repeating tasks that should be automated, anger and annoyance from repeated phone calls and not getting the answers you need as you try to grow effectively. Inevitably, the best way to fix these problems is to upgrade and modernize your store. This is a list of reasons why moving to a better ecommerce platform may be the best decision you can make to eliminate your scaling headaches.

Common Ecommerce Platform Issues

  • You need to save time on manual processes – Manual processes that take too much time and resources is one the top reasons for re-platforming. You need the ability to run day to day operations smoothly with several automated systems such as: inventory feeds from warehouses to drop ship vendors, simple transaction processes, warehouse management software, automated and synchronized tracking numbers for all of your orders, and a profit and loss accounting system.
  • Your frustration levels are too high – Continuous integration issues such as spending too much time interpreting and formatting data from various sources, adding or updating products by hand, or needing to combine multiple spreadsheets to get reports to the right places, such as marketing or accounting. These all end up costing valuable resources and create numerous productivity problems.
  • You need better scalability – You’re ready to add new employees, but they need access to higher end data systems for day to day operations. Perhaps you want to target new niches for expansion, or market and develop new products. You need to eliminate multiple tech support calls, and stop trying to figure out different coding and customization processes for each need.
  • You need better metrics and reporting – Reporting headaches such as compromising delays to business intelligence, and lacking accurate information by not having full report capabilities puts you at risk to missing out on time sensitive data that may be crucial for rapidly expanding businesses.
  • You need to be able to do more in-house – Lacking much needed support for procedures and processes. This requires experts that understand the various platforms and can go to work immediately integrating accounting apps such as Quickbooks, the ERP systems like SAP/Netsuite, and various other support needs which provide flexibility.
  • You need competitive functionality – You need to be capable of adapting to changes in innovation or technology. Is there a better way now? Do you need more editorial elements, mobile commerce, or social media components? Keeping up to date on new apps allows you to stay ahead of your competitors.
  • You need to be more agile – Achieving your business goals requires you to be able to ensure quick responses to rapidly evolving business needs, while also having the capability of bringing new innovations to market in a timely fashion.
  • You need to ensure security – Increased security and compliance concerns need to be met properly to ensure your business and your customers have the peace of mind that all actions and transactions are secure when your site is used.
  • You need to expand into other sales channels – New or growing retail channels need ease of use, since customers want access anytime and anywhere to your web store from any internet-enabled device. Make sure mobile access is always optimized considering it is the predominant method now, and in the immediate future for buying products and services.
  • You need to take your brand and design farther – Even though you started small, have you finally hit the ceiling but know you can and should get more from your brand or design? Moving to a better ecommerce platform will allow you the additional room to grow.
  • You need better site load speed and uptime – One of the easiest ways to lose visitors to your site. If it takes awhile to load, people will simply leave. This is not only unacceptable, but fixing it is crucial for gaining and maintaining business momentum.
  • You are tired of overage charges – Does your platform charge for bandwidth overage? This makes scaling very difficult and expensive.
  • You need better support – Ecommerce saas systems includes support, which means you get ongoing assistance for support and hosting, instead of a “stand-alone” one time charge and no help in the future.

There’s a good chance that you’ve encountered several of these frustrating problems with your current web store. Moving to a better ecommerce platform should allow you to experience growth through design, support, and hosting, without the headaches and productivity declines you have been experiencing. 10 Telltale Signs That You Need a Better Design Partner may provide further insight into making the right decision about your current design, and finding the best ecommerce platform.

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