15 Steps to Stay Ahead of Marketing and Design Trends to Keep Your Site Current


Marketing and Design Trends

What will you do if consumer spending takes a downturn? Are you prepared to maintain your position as an authority within your product or service niche? Staying competitive is vital to business success. What about your online store design? Technology continues to rapidly advance, and users are tending to prefer personalized, interactive and relevant online shopping experiences. If you want to stay ahead of marketing and design trends, you have to be able to give your visitors and potential customers what they want.

These Marketing and Design Trends Will Help You Stay on Top


  • Know The Competition – You’ll need to know who you’re up against, what methods they’re using to sell their products (such as sales or specific targeting), and what you can do to make you stand out from them. Just like sports teams study tendencies in opponents to gain an advantage, you need to do the same if you want to beat your competitors.
  • Know Your Customers – You should strategize according to the fluctuating economic conditions. Customers will often have differing and changing opinions based on stability. Identify the demand for your products or services to decide what’s most important to them. Is it lower prices, flexible service, or the latest products or trends?
  • Get Better Known – You should employ email campaigns, social media ads, leaflets, or anything else that will etch your name into a potential customers head when they need or want what you have to offer. 
  • Take Care of Current Customers – Offer discounts, loyalty programs, or other promotions to keep your existing customers. Remember, retention is cheaper than acquisition.
  • Related Products – If you’re selling shoes for example, be sure to offer relatable items such as shoe laces, and anything else that can be “tied” directly to what they’re looking to buy. This offers you much higher sales potential.
  • Be a Good Employer – Treat your employees well. Happy employees can impress people with a positive and vibrant atmosphere. Plus, they will likely offer good reviews and promote your business outside of the workplace. Word of mouth about how your business conducts itself behind the scenes makes a lasting impression on people.
  • Always Look Ahead – Follow developments in your sector, such as consumer trends and new technology. You should always try to have a clear idea, and goals, for where you want to be in one, three, or five years from now. These 27 Proven Must Have’s For an Effective Ecommerce Website can also give you valuable information.


  • Minimalism – Quite simply, you should have less clutter. Make it easy on your visitors to know what your about without unnecessary distractions on your web pages.
  • Consider Material Design – This is where motion gives purposeful and appropriate meaning, and includes tactile characteristics such as edges and surfaces along with rationalized space. Google’s material design concepts include several ideas on what could be considered as material “digital fabric” created with pixels.
  • Colorful gradients especially in hero sections – Use a prominent image, slider, text or other pridefully placed element at the top of the homepage. This is intended to grab a visitor’s attention when they come to your site. 
  • Hand Written Icons – These have become more commonly used to clean uniform typography and provide contrast. They add a measure of sophisticated simplicity that has an undeniably aesthetic appeal.
  • Microinteraction – These interactive animations and a catchy interface provides needed feedback to users with an approachable interface. It also offers a visual result for the users actions.
  • Duotone Imagery – These can provide balance between a minimal and cluttered or distracting page. These can bring consistency to multiple images, and also may take the place of high resolution hero backgrounds.
  • Less Menu/Navigation Options – If you have 6-8 menu options, try to consolidate them into only 3 or 4. Fewer choices means it’s easier to guide users to what they’re looking for.
  • Inspirational Storytelling – This concept provides a unique user experience using text and visuals while guiding a user through a thought process. It also shows the benefits of a product or service, as well as an organization’s vision and branding. Examples include videos, presentations, images and animations.

Using these marketing and growth driven design ideas for your website will help keep you at the top of your product or service niche. Marketing and design trends can come and go often, so be sure you constantly monitor these changes, and remain diligently proactive in your response to them.

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