Be in the know. Look out for the top eCommerce Design Trends of 2014:


Be in the know. Look out for the top eCommerce Design Trends of 2014:

2014 is bringing in some new trends for webdesign, especially with eCommerce design. We all knew how it felt when Twitter changed it’s layout. “What used to be a running feed of users, text and links is now punctuated by pictures, either in the form of linked photos or sponsored ads.” quotes one source.  Images and video are becoming more and more popular in selling, reporting, and microblogging. The increase in popularity has brought many developers back to the drawing board to fit in the extra content into their user interface design.

More Content on One Page

Quick view allows shoppers to get more information by hovering over the product category without having to leave the page. Easy access to more content is likely to increase in 2014. Also look for more scrolling to take place as longer pages become more prevalent.

Unique Fonts

As online competition grows, fonts are getting increasingly important for brands that want to be set apart. Cart Designers has worked extensively with clients to select fonts that work with their business model, such as WA Fresh. WA Fresh had us at “fresh produce” and one thing we wanted to create for him was a non-traditional call to action done with unique and stand out typeface.


Larger Graphics

As we discussed previously, you can see the trend moving away from photo quantity and taking a less-is-more approach. “Relatively larger graphics that link to products, also tend to make for finger-friendly user interfaces, which is another reason this trend will grow. Sites like BornHagger, and Tommy Bahama serve as examples.” –  PracticalEcommerce

Video Content

Responsive DesignWant to capture your audience in less than 20 seconds? Go video. As video viewing has adapted from “I have to be there at such and such time to watch my favorite show” to having a video anywhere, anytime and on any device you like, video content has taken off. Consumers are more likely to buy from a brand they believe in, a brand who is doing amazing things and branching off into their own movement, such as RedBull has. Don’t take my word for it? Just ask Kerrin Sheldon.

Responsive Design

Since mobile and tablets are increasingly becoming the device of choice for online buyers, web design will focus more attention on ensuring that the design and usability carries over to a finger-friendly purchase model. Responsive web design is accomplished by designing sites for an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a limited amount of scrolling.  “As we get more mobile devices for internet browsing, the role of responsive design gets more important.” – Zachary Wood

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