3 Ways to Effectively Use Slider Images


3 Ways to Effectively Use Slider Images

So Many Slider Images

Way back in November of 2008, jQuery UI released a ‘slideshow’ feature that allowed users a sort of plug-and-play solution for creating slide shows on their website.

Folks were using jQuery before this for similar purposes, but this UI release started a fire that has yet to be put out. A lot of websites that you might visit throughout your normal day will include some sort of scripted slider, fader, or maybe even something fancier.

Using an image slider is a regular thing now, perhaps overused in some cases, but it allows for some basic pros:

  • Slider animation is eye-catching
  • They save a lot of vertical space
  • Allow for multiple messages or a ‘flow’ of messages
  • Gives an easy ‘drop-in’ method for updating the site’s message or promotion
  • They are mobile compatible #flashsucks

With all these benefits and little to no drawbacks, it’s safe to say that moving away from flash was a smart move on behalf of many businesses.

Understanding the web interface is an important part of being able to properly accomplish the goal of your landing page. Send people where they want to go.

Making use of your sliders content

There are three main points to cover when rendering a slider as effective:

1. Make an impact visually

You want to have a designer or someone that understand color palettes and typography to create an aesthetically pleasing image. Maybe the slider has a border, maybe a shadow, or maybe it spans the entire screen! (like our homepage).

2. Create an effective message

What you say here could be the main element on the page. The message might also be the only thing your potential customers see on the page. Depending on what you say in the message could lead to a series of events that generate 1 of 2 things; A conversion, or a bounce. Using the innovative growth driven design plan, these sliders can be measured and tested for effectiveness to determine which one(s) work best. When creating a photo slider message, be short and simple, but keep it creative and unique.

3. Link it up!

You would be surprised how many sliders I see every day where folks have a poorly built slider that is annoying, largely contrasting to the site’s design, and doesn’t allow me to go anywhere. There could be good reasons to not link some of your slides, but as the web progresses, end users are growing accustomed to clicking on these big blocks and hopefully go where they think it will take them. Link your sliders to products, promotions, or informational pages, but do it correctly and take your customers to a place that is indicative of the message.


Keep your sliders to the point, and make them a tool for your browsers, not an obstacle.

CartDesigners Slider Examples

Our full design packages come free with 3 sliders, hand crafted. Here are some examples of one’s we have made for our clients:

NJfightshopNJFight shop free shippingNJFight shop glove slideUTKilts sliderBigBob Gibson BBQ SliderAll bugs out slider

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