5 Reasons Why Pinterest is Good For Your Business!


5 Reasons Why Pinterest is Good For Your Business!

With the milieu of social media outlets available on the web, you may ask yourself do I really need to use Pinterest? Well to answer your question, Yes! Pinterest is an ever growing social media tour de force that can increase traffic to your online store!

1. Spotlight new products

Customers are always hungry for new products. Pinterest can act as a stage for new products as well as products to come. If anything, showcasing new products, products to come, product videos, etc will keep customers coming back!

2.  Pin Pin Pin

That’s the secret to Pinterest. Pin from your own reserve and then pin from within Pinterest. As your pinning follow people that share your interest. Soon you’ll see that these combined efforts will get your images circulating and will also show that you are an active Pinterest user which ultimately puts you on the map in the social media world.

3. Get your customers involved  

Place the Pinterest button in obvious places so customers can easily pin products they want to share. Pinterest allows customers to pin images of products and styles they like, so the easier you make it for them to add your items to their Pinterest boards, the more items you’ll have circulating in the Pinterest world.

 4. Organize your Pinterest

Organizing your boards according to themes will make your Pinterest easier to find as well as easier to follow. One purpose of Pinterest is to spark interest in products and styles. If you create unique themed boards that engage your customers to pull their interests, products, & styles from your boards then you are winning at pinning.

CartDesigners pinterest boards

 5. Linking your Pins back to your website  

One important but easily overlooked detail is to make sure you link your images back to your website. I recommend getting in the habit of putting a tag line with each pin and then your website url. Now when someone re-pins or even just visit your boards they can easily access your website!

Furthermore the shopping cart that we work with the most, BigCommerce, allows you to pin your product shots straight from the product detail page.

This is a great way to start generating interest before the user buys.

Pinterest is a great way to get involved in the social media world and engage your customers.  Happy pinning!

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