5 Ways to Increase Ecommerce Sales During the Holiday Season


5 Ways to Increase Ecommerce Sales During the Holiday Season

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According to RetailMeNot, nearly 9 in 10 consumers still have holiday gifts to purchase. So what are the best ways to ensure that you are offering your customers the best bang for their buck, in your online store? We have gathered some tips for you to increase ecommerce sales, so keep reading… Be sure to share our infographic with your colleagues.

Increase Ecommerce Sales With These Tips

1. Offer Free Shipping

9 in 10 consumers consider free shipping to be important when making a decision to buy online. Offering next day and other shipping options as well, definitely increases conversion as well. But ultimately, you had them at “free shipping”

2. Know What your Competitor is Selling the same item for. 

People who shop online are using shopping comparison tools more and more.  45% of holiday shoppers are using competitor price matching and can check online marketplaces like Amazon, Rakuten, and Newegg for shopping price comparison sites, including Google Shopping, NexTag, PriceGrabber to name a few.  Bigcommerce has some really great  shopping comparison apps in their apps store here http://www.bigcommerce.com/apps/shopping-comparison/ and all you have to do is turn it on.

3. Offer a Discount (30% would be your best bet) 

According to Accenture’s Annual Shopping Survey, 62% of respondents said it would take a discount of 30% or more to persuade them to purchase. Make sure your customer can see percentage off signs easily with holiday banners and codes for percentages off that you can send in your email marketing campaigns and that they can enter during checkout.

4. Make sure your website is mobile compatible.

ComScore reports that “we’ve reached a point in the U.S. where more than 50 percent of Internet users are accessing the web using more than one device. ” Amazon tells us “mobile purchasing is definitely a significant and growing portion of our business. In fact, tens of thousands of new customers make their first ever Amazon purchase via mobile devices every day. Last holiday season alone, Amazon customers purchased more than one toy per second via a mobile device.” Practical eCommerce predicts:  “16% of U.S. online sales will come from mobile devices. ”  So be ready. Is your website responsive? Is your checkout mobile compatible? U.S. retail ecommerce sales from mobile devices should reach $9.8 billion in November and December of this year, accounting for 16 percent of ecommerce market, according to eMarketer data released September 5. “Tablets are particularly significant for m-commerce sales growth,” eMarketer reported, accounting for some 62.5 percent of all mobile-based ecommerce sales. Growth in tablet-based online sales should top 87 percent.”

5. Send a free gift with purchase

It could be something small, but the mere element of surprise will keep your shoppers coming back for more. It could be a discount on a future purchase, a pair of gloves with a coat purchase, or a free pair of slippers with a pajama set. If you offer a “free” item along with the purchase of one of your featured items, you are guaranteed to increase ecommerce sales.

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