Bigcommerce Change Logs – December 2015


Bigcommerce Change Logs – December 2015

Change Log Summary & Notable Changes

We have organized a list of all the changes made to the Bigcommerce platform during December 2015. A few changes listed in the Bigcommerce change logs that we thought should be highlighted are included in our summary list.

  • Bigcommerce Code Freeze Is Over: From November 22nd to December 12th 2015 the Bigcommerce engineering team chose to minimize changes to the system to focus on maintenance due to peaked traffic levels during the holiday season. This time period has obviously concluded which means you may now expect more bugs and updates to be pushed live.
  • API Error May Cause Problems For Shipping Providers: A bug involving the “orders” endpoint on the Bigcommerce API had a bug that did not correctly update the “weight” property when the order was created via the API channel.
  • [Major] This update affects both store owners and Bigcommerce design & development partners. The change was to fix a problem when you try and download your theme from the backoffice and it is over 250Mb. The update disables this solutions and requires that you download themes that are over the 250Mb mark via WebDAV

Full Bigcommerce Change Logs – December 2015

The full list of available Bigcommerce change logs are posted below and was collected from their forum. The arrangement has changed and is sorted chronologically per section type.


Creating an order through the API by sending a POST request to the orders resource does not properly include that order’s product’s weights. Instead the weight comes through as 0, regardless of specified weight or the quantity of the product. This has now been fixed.


We have fixed a regression bug that caused the Sift Science App that has been installed in some enterprise stores to not show up on the Apps menu.


For products that were set up with file upload option, when a large file (> 85 Mb) was uploaded, customers were unable to complete checkout after Step 6 (Payment Details). This has been fixed.

Backoffice Control Panel

[bug-fix] [major]
Under Settings > Store Design, if merchant tries to download a theme that is very large, timeout will occur. We have added a check and disallow for download when the theme files totaled more than 256 MB. Instead, the merchant can use WebDAV to download the theme.


When editing a product image with Pixlr, the Pixlr window does not close after clicking the save button. The product still shows the previous version of the image. We have now fixed this.


For MyVirtualMerchant payment gateway, we have enabled support for 3 additional currencies : CHF, SEK and HKD; together with already supported ones : GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, JPY, and CAD.

These December 2015 Bigcommerce release notes were collected from the Bigcommerce forum and compiled by our staff with a few typos corrected.

If you have any questions about what some of these changes mean and how they might affect your store let us know in the comments section.

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