Premium BigCommerce Templates


While Bigcommerce has a platform that can be used straight out of the box,  Cart Designers offers Premium Templates for store owners who want to take it up a notch. Don’t see any templates you like in your Bigcommerce store? That’s where we come in. As a Platinum Bigcommerce Partner, we work extensively with the Bigcommerce software and offer an eCommerce expertise you aren’t going to find at just any web design firm. We offer a variety of services and custom programming to suit your individual business needs and the expertise to make it happen. From language translation to custom programming, Cart Designers tailors each and every project to your standards. Here’s how:


You will need a Bigcommerce store. Don’t have one? Try it for free here (will link to our partner link) Bigcommerce provides hosting and built-in marketing tools that allows you to run your own online store. They provide easy access to your Control Panel where you can process orders, add or edit your products, or add your wholesale customers to a wholesale pricing group. To learn more about Bigcommerce features, you can click here.  At Cart Designers we build off Bigcommerce’s easy to use back end and customize the html/css to look and feel the way you want. We provide you with 1×1 interaction with our Design Team to make sure the Design Process is simple, painless, and fast-moving. After you approve the customized template we create, we then pass it along to our programming team to implement into your store. Pretty soon, you’re the proud owner of a website that Stands Out among your competitors. To help you during this process, we’ve written a guide on Branding here.




It doesn’t matter if you choose a Premuim Template or a full Custom Design, we provide you with the same level of customer service. This means frequent and personalized meetings with our design and programming team. Doing business with us isn’t just about building a website, it’s about helping you along the eCommerce journey. We know you have a business to run and in leaving the hard stuff up to us, it gives you more time to do just that: keep selling and running your business. Our firm will communicate directly with you regarding your project and we don’t wrap it up until you are completely satisfied. We also offer a 60 day Warranty on all programming after it’s complete not to mention an array of other services should you need us as things come up. Basically, we’re the design firm that people work with not only because we do a good job, but because we are available and with you every step of the way as you get your online store ready for launch. If you’d like to learn more about the difference between Premium Templates and full custom packages, we explain the difference here.





So sit back, relax, and let us do the hard part. We look extensively into your business and ask you to provide thorough answers to our design questionnaire. Once you do, we will then meet with you to go over any questions and specifications that you might have that will add to your project. Our designs are 100% YOU. Unlike other firms, we don’t move through the design process until we have your approval over every font, color, image, and texture. So ready to get started? Here’s how: (insert link to contact us form)





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