Why Customer Service Live Chat Gets Superior Results


Why Customer Service Live Chat Gets Superior Results

Chat_Box_Orange-e1275675925986 (1)Over the past few years in the eCommerce industry, I have assisted hundreds of clients with their online stores with everything from product imports, to payment gateways and customer service live chat.

So what truly makes an online business successful? Is it Marketing? Yes. Is it having a niche product? Sure. However, the real difference maker is how your customers feel when making a purchase. People buy when they feel comfortable, when they feel they can trust you and when your process feels natural and reassuring.

“In simplistic terms, people rationalize purchasing decisions based on facts, but they make decisions based on feelings.”

Source: Scott Addis, President and CEO of The Addis Group and Addis Intellectual Capital, LLC.

Improve the Quality of the Buying Experience Through Customer Service Live Chat

Let me paint you a picture of a recent experience I had shopping online: After searching high and low for weeks for the perfect vintage quilt, I finally found the one. I even found some pillows from a separate shop to go along with it that were hand-sewn with silk backing. Seems like a pretty average online shopping experience, right?

I searched. I found. But what made my online shopping experience better than average were the small details before and after hitting “checkout.”  Like most consumers, I had questions prior to purchasing.

The owners of both companies chatted with me online regarding both products to make sure I had the proper colors and dimensions. Knowing that real people were willing to get me the information I needed in real time increased my buyer confidence and in return, they closed the sale.

While that was great and all, the WOW moment came a week later when my items were delivered. The vintage quilt was wrapped with personal touches.  There was a card with my name on it that read, “Congratulations on your “new”  vintage quilt.” The pillows I ordered came with an even more distinct touch as it included a silk change purse filled with three gemstones symbolizing peace and health along with a coupon code for future ordering.

Both companies were willing to take their customer service to the next level. Let’s just say they made me say, “WOW”. While the gift wrap model won’t work for all products, packaging does speak volumes about your business. What does your packaging say about your business? What is your post-sale marketing strategy? Do you provide coupon codes to encourage return online buyers? These things may seem small, but they are the difference makers.

When you have one happy client, they go and tell more. The best way to invest back into your business is to invest in customer service.  And by answering my questions prior to the sale via live chat, they established trust and validated my reasons for purchasing from them.

My top 3 live chat services

These live chat web apps can be easily integrated into your website. They offer free plans, as well as plans as low as $10 per month…




The best part about live chat, is that you can give real time customer feedback, gain buyer confidence, and increase conversion rate. Even if you are offline, most chat services can send you an email notification so you can respond to your client at your convenience.

According to XL online, Abt Electronics has found that live chat boosts conversion rates — which are 10-20% higher on Abt.com for shoppers who engage live chat, compared to those who don’t. Taking your Customer Service from good to great is a little more time consuming, but definitely worth the ROI. These types of data metrics are becoming more important than ever in online stores, as the innovative growth driven design strategy is proving to be the most favorable and profitable way to grow your business and advance beyond your competitors. With the aid of a customer service live chat, the sky is the limit.

Now, go “WOW” them…


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