Is The Bigcommerce Platform Right for YOU?


Is The Bigcommerce Platform Right for YOU?

Building an online business is by no means a simple task. Every business goes through their own trials, successes and failures. An endless to-do list combined with the overwhelming need to continue pushing your brand in the right direction might make you wonder where your personal life went?

The key to having more free time to work on more important things is to leverage the right tools and automate much of the mundane, day-to-day tasks so you have more free time to focus on more of what truly matters in growing your business.

Bigcommerce is one tool that has the ability to give you more free time. Bigcommerce is an ecommerce store builder that powers over 95,000 stores in 65 different countries and has processed well over $5 billion in transactions.

These eye-opening stat’s tell us that this ecommerce platform is no fluke. Here are a few pro’s and con’s that come with using the Bigcommerce platform for your online store.

Pro’s Of Using BigCommerce

– Comprehensive Tool’s

Right out of the gate Bigcommerce gives online store owners a set of practical tools that they will actually use! (Many ecommerce platforms have a habit of providing customers with a limited tool set that they will rarely ever need.)

Some of the many tools Bigcommerce provides are integrated autoresponder tools that make it extremely simple to send out emails and newsletters. In the mood to give your customers a percentage off select items? No problem, with Bigcommerce’s tools that allow you to create coupons and promote discount campaigns, it’s easy when it comes time to let everyone know you have a sale going on.

Bigcommerce also provides you with built in tax and shipping configurations, a secure payment gateway, statistical reports, social media sharing, product reviews and even a built-in product wish list. Bigcommerce basically comes with all the essential tools you need to run an effective online store.

– Grow Sales

Bigcommerce allows subscribers to leverage the power of social media with very little effort. Bigcommerce has the capabilities to allow you to set up an ecommerce store on Facebook, where Facebook users can view and even purchase items directly from a company’s Facebook page.

A Bigcommerce store can also be integrated with Google Shopping and Ebay, along with a number of product comparison websites like Shopzilla,, PriceGrabber and more. These social media stores are fully synchronized and integrated with Bigcommerce, so no additional steps are needed.

When you really look at it, Bigcommerce is giving online store owners insane leverage to get products and services in front of potential buyers before their competitors. This feature instantly increases the chances of getting more sales. Currently there are no other ecommerce platforms equipped with this type of extensive capability.

Con’s Of Using BigCommerce

– Template Designs

Although Bigcommerce offers users 100 plus free templates, many store owners, especially designers, feel the templates are slightly outdated, and not nearly as sleek and clean as they could be. That’s where having an experience designer like Cart Designers can come in handy.


All-in-all Bigcommerce is one of the top names in Ecommerce and our choice for the best platform for 95+% of store owners. It continues to be labeled as one of the best all-in-one ecommerce solutions for companies of any size. Bigcommerce comes with tons of built-in features and requires very little technical know-how, making it the perfect solution for any business owner looking for a reasonably priced, versatile platform.

Still not convinced Bigcommerce is right for your business? No problem, feel free to contact us with any questions you have!

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