Learn about Shipping Easy: labels, tracking and more…


Learn about Shipping Easy: labels, tracking and more…

Need Labels? Need tracking numbers? Here at Cart Designers, we had the pleasure of talking to Shipping Easy about their offering.

Here’s the scoop:

Shipping Easy is great for someone starting their online store. They sync directly with the API so your order number, date, SKU, package,  ship to location, and all of your order information appears in one place, seamlessly.  You  no longer have to worry about labels, packing slips or tracking info. You can view shipping statuses at any time.

Fun little facts and features:

  • You can batch your packaging so let’s say you are shipping a flat rate envelope and want to group all the clients using that shipping method together, you can process those all at one time.
  • Confirmation emails go out with the tracking information, and you can re-send the email, or update the labels if you need to.
  • You can seamlessly view the shipping statuses at any time.
  • You can choose to do your own emails and packing slips or turn that off and do it through Bigcommerce’s system.
  • Shipping Easy has an upload orders features via CSV and it will translate them from trade shows, etc. You can go to reports to see where you are spending your money and generate an export for Quickbooks using their form.
  • Their rates are .50 less than stamps.com but as you grow, it will you save you more.
  • If you have an order shipped in multiple packages, then you can split those orders for different boxes, but they both still have the same order number.
  • And last but not least, Shipping Easy has phone support unlike a few of the other shipping apps.

Free Demo:

Located in our own backyard of Austin, Texas, Shipping Easy is nearby and ready to help you ship. Feel free to sign up for your free month here: http://shippingeasy.com/


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