Why You Need Exceptional Site Navigation with SearchSpring

Bigcommerce store owners have the option of surfing through new apps in their Marketplace where finding friendly plug-ins and easily integrated apps are right at your fingertips. And while there are many good offerings, we’d like to spotlight one app in particular.  Kyle from SearchSpring took us through a demo and it blew our socks off, so below we sum up what they offer for site navigation and how it helps you sell.

SearchSpring is advanced site search with relevant category navigation, powered by a sophisticated learning system that gets smarter and more relevant as your customers use your site.

We have found 21 reasons why Search Spring would be recommended by Cart Designers. Not only do they offer a unique and organized user interface to maximize search, but they integrate with every platform out there. They also integrate perfectly into our groundbreaking growth driven design strategy. “It learns from past shoppers what is relevant, what shoppers are gravitating towards, and what products shoppers are purchasing in relation to their search and browsing behavior.”

They have quite an extensive list of features that any store owner would find conducive to helping them grow their online business.  We’ve put some together for you here:

Site Navigation Advantages

  1. has advanced filters
  2. offers search by product option
  3. offers search suggestions:  robust search upgrades the search feature
  4. contains learning search
  5. provides multiple image views on category pages
  6. performs image-based advanced filtering options
  7. has multi-select options
  8. has reporting on searches with zero results
  9. discovers brands you don’t carry
  10. finds common misspellings
  11. can setup pages with top search strings for SEO purposes
  12. identifies other products your clients want
  13. offers custom sort options
  14. optimizes results based on sale products, hot sellers or other attributes
  15. creates custom banners for search results
  16. puts badges easily on items on category page
  17. has filtering on mobile!
  18. has advanced product recommendations on product page.
  19. offers drill down search
  20. allows customization of search result page
  21. allows reporting to show how much business you’ve made by $ generated by search term

Well if 21 reasons aren’t enough, you can probably find more yourself. Take a look at SearchSpring.net and try one of their demos to see for yourself. For a more enhanced view of their features, click here and then click product.

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