It’s Past Time For You to Have a Mobile Friendly Website


It’s Past Time For You to Have a Mobile Friendly Website

Google’s Search Changes on Mobile Friendly Website

We all have known since the iPhone came out that mobile browsing is here to stay. And we’ve all heard that over 50% of browsing is done from mobile devices. It’s become essential to have a good mobile experience. Now though, Google has decided enough is enough. It’s time to be mobile friendly right now.

Mobile Friendly WebsiteGoogle has updated their algorithm awhile ago if you weren’t paying attention (2015). It has added significant weight to whether or not your site is mobile friendly. This means that if your site is NOT mobile friendly, you will be looking at a drop in your search traffic, and therefore sales.

So how do you know if your site is “mobile friendly”?

There are two primary ways to consider:

  1. You can use an alternate mobile theme that was written for mobile devices. Examples include the WPTouch plugin on WordPress, or the Bigcommerce mobile styled theme which they include for free with all Bigcommerce accounts. This is not the ideal method per Google so we would only recommend considering these as a short term fix.
  2. You can make use of responsive web design on your site. This is extra programming that tells a browser how to shrink your site to fit multiple browser sizes, so that no matter what device you view your site from, the device knows how to best display it. This is what Google recommends and this is how we’ve been doing website design exclusively for a good while now.
Test it out yourself

Google has also made available a mobile-friendly testing tool that will let you check your site from their perspective and see if they consider you to be mobile friendly or not.

It is not too late

We’ve all seen the mobile browsing wave coming. It’s not too late but if you’re not prepared it’s time to get on it. That wave is close.

Will this be a Panda/Penguin sized update? Nobody outside of Google knows for sure, but they don’t generally make a habit of announcing updates like this ahead of time. This makes us wonder if they know it will be a big one or if they’re just adopting a friendlier face to the world that they impact. Nobody knows, but what we do know… is that the time to be mobile friendly is here.

Additional Resources

Read more about this coming update from Google’s Webmaster Blog to find out more.

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