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Below you will find answers to some common questions store owners have regarding the Good Vibes theme.

Where do I make edits to my theme?

The Good Vibes theme comes with a cd-styles.css file where you would add your style changes. You can find the cd-styles.css file in your Styles folder of your template files.

DO NOT modify the styles.css file as this is a core template file and changes made to that file may yield unexpected results that may be tricky to troubleshoot and may prevent the file from being updated when an update becomes available.

The following video demonstrates how to properly make style/CSS changes to the Goodvibes theme for your reference:


**note: if any modifications have been made to template files, particularly styles.css, then updating the theme will not overwrite these files you made changes to which means you wont have the full theme update in place.You would then have to manually reset these template files one by one via the backoffice template file browser.**

How do I know when an update is available for my theme?

In the Design section of your backoffice, you will see an update button if there is an update available.

How can I change the colors for my theme?

The following video demonstrates how to change the colors for your theme:


How can I change the fonts for my theme?

To change the fonts for your theme, copy and paste the following code into your cd-styles.css stylesheet:

body,h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6,.h1,.h2,.h3,.h4,.h5,.h6 {
	font-family: 'Source Sans Pro','Helvetica Neue',Helvetica,Arial,Sans-Serif;

.secondary-font-family {
	font-family: 'Source Sans Pro' !important;

Then change the value of the font family to the font you would like to appear on your store.

Can I include categories in my main menu?

Yes, the following video demonstrates how to include categories in your main menu:


Can I change the height of my images?

Modifying the image height for the category and landing pages does take some CSS modifications.

The following video demonstrates how to best make this adjustment:


What are the recommended Hero Slider settings?

Recommended size for slider images for this theme is 1920px – 1160px x 450px. Notice the recommended width can be a range of widths. We also recommend that all slider images are the exact same size for continuity.

You can download the Goodvibes Hero Slider Photoshop Files and use them as a guideline to generating properly sized hero images.

How do I remove the white and gray boxes from my Hero Slider?

A lot of times hero sliders may include their own text on the image itself. If this is the case 100% of the time then you may want to disable the text boxes that are displayed. You can do this by appending the following CSS snippet to one of your cd-styles.css file.

.slide-overlay { 

How can I remove the ‘Browse by Tag’ sidebar from my theme?

There are two main ways to remove the ‘Browse by Tag’ sidebar from your theme.

You may remove any element on a page using CSS by targeting the element you want to remove, and setting the CSS property for that element to display: none;

You may also remove or comment out the %%Panel.ProductTagCloud%% Panel located in your category.html file found in the Panels folder of your template files.

How do I change the names for the tabs found in the product description on the product page?

Inside your product.html file found in the root of your template files you will find the names that display on the tabs. The following screenshot shows where in the product.html file you would make this change: http://screencast.com/t/z4UVptOx

Change the name(s) to whatever you would like the name to be and save the file.

Do you offer phone support for the theme?

The extent of our support for this theme is limited to our ticketing system / emails. As you can imagine to keep the cost of the theme down we cannot open a call center to handle phone support.

Let us know what problems you are having specifically and we will do my best to assist.

Where can I get a refund for the theme?

In regards to a refund, unfortunately this is completely out of our control. Bigcommerce handles all of the billing for the themes.

Can the good vibes template be bought and copied between bigcommerce accounts?

Under Bigcommerce policy, paid themes can only be used in one store. Meaning that the paid theme is non transferable. You can read more about this policy item at the following URL under 12.2 – Bigcommerce Theme Store: Bigcommerce Terms of Service

When I revert a file, are any changes made to that file lost and the file reverts back to where it was before the change?

Individual file reversion resets that file to its default state for the current version of the theme. Revert for individual files is not an ‘undo’ button. ‘Revert File’ for individual files is destructive, meaning you will lose what changes you made to that file, therefore if you have any important customizations added in the file you wish to revert, you will want to make a backup for that file before reverting. In contrast, the ‘Revert to Latest’ button on the theme level will revert, one time, to what you had before. So if you update the theme and it breaks stuff, you can revert it one time to what it was before.

In mobile, why is the flyout menu not displaying our pages and/or categories?

The mobile left side flyout menu is populated from the %%Panel.PagesMenu%% panel and the %%Panel.SideCategoryList%% panel that are located in the footer of the Good Vibes template. We use javascript to copy what is in the information and shop column and clone them into the left flyout menu. If you have modified your footer and removed or commented out the %%Panel.PagesMenu%% and/or %%Panel.SideCategoryList%% panels, then the left flyout menu will not display your pages and/or categories. You may experience this issue as a result of customizing the footer, when the mentioned panels have been replaced with a hard coded menu for example, which will break the left flyout menu.

How do I turn off my blog for my store?

The following video demonstrates how to turn off your blog for your store: http://screencast.com/t/unYhCcu1LPr

How do I create or customize existing gift certificate themes?

The following video demonstrates how to create or customize existing gift certificate themes: http://screencast.com/t/7ATaNq6z4s

How do I customize the newsletter subscription success message displayed after the user has submitted their information?

The following video demonstrates how to customize the newsletter subscription success message: http://screencast.com/t/IeBPAwfxw

Any user trying to pick a color swatch option on a product page when using an iphone or ipad must double tap to select the color, is there a fix for this so that the user only has to tap once to select a color swatch option?

The bigcommerce folks provided a fix that should help resolve the issue, you can read more about it at their official platform support forums at the following URL: bigcommerce support forums

Basically add the following code snippet to your css stylesheet and save:

/*swatches double tap issue fix for mobile*/

@media(max-width: 1024px) {

.productOptionPickListSwatch {
    position: relative !important;
    z-index: 10 !important;

.productOptionPreviewDisplay {
    display:none !important;