5 Ways to Rank High on Search Engines

seo-tips-to-rank-higher-smHere’s  5 Top Things that you need to rank high on the major search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing…

Videos. Now that Google Search engine crawlers have taken more of a variety approach to ranking, it’s important to add a video or two to your webpage.

People are more likely to watch a video than read an article. Video landing pages are becoming increasingly popular, and having a video on your page can not only increase your page rank, but increase your conversion rate as well.

57% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions.

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Backlinking. Probably the most beneficial and yet underutilized SEO tool is backlinking. Building links in your content that yeild useful information to additional sources will start generating links back to your site as well. Once you start delivering useful, engaging, and creative content people will start linking to your site, making Google even more happy to put you near the top.

Content, Content, Content. Creating Fresh Content via adding new products, making website updates/changes, or integrating a blog. Since Google indexes new content first, you’ll want to make sure you are adding fresh content and site updates frequently. Make sure you dont over-use your target keywords and make your content easy to share. ShareThis is an excellent tool for that.

 The true value of optimized content is building a piece of work that gets links from external sources and websites.


Data visualization: aka Infographics.

Keywords: Make sure that you have done the research on what your client is searching for. Don’t underestimate including more specific, niche long-tail keywords and utilize Google Trends to see what people are searching for globally.

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