Ecommerce Marketing Services

SEO / Marketing

We help you build for a long-tail marketing focus.

The future of business is selling less of more. This is not specific to individual business but the market as a whole. Niche business that could not have survived in the '90s are able to thrive online, but it takes patience and some smarts to get you there.

Our marketing focus is built around solid design and useful development and is sustained by common sense metrics and reporting that show proof in the results.

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

It doesn't matter how unique your marketing strategy is or how much effort you put into the design. If your customers cannot find you, your business will not grow. We sit down with you and create customized search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

By working with you and installing a combination of paid, organic, social, mobile and local search, we can ensure your customers find you first.

Organic SEO

Algorithmic or organic SEO is the process of you doing things for your website and store that will increase your organic ranking on the major search engines. This involves no cost to the search companies and there is a lot of education and media that can get folks started.

Our main focus on organic SEO is to educate our clients how they can best live their e-commerce lives as a business owner. Organic SEO is a daily function.

Social Media Marketing

One of the best ways for most stores to get traffic, is to create an ad campaign designed to generate leads and build audience, as well as a nurturing campaign to organically build following and strengthen the brand. We can help with both.


PPC marketing can build your customer base and drastically increase your return on investment but has to be done correctly. Often times these PPC campaigns get setup by a 'google professional' or other company and send tons of 'unwanted' traffic to your site. This not only clutters your analytics and reporting, but can cost a fortune.

To deviate from this we make efforts and do the research necessary to ensure your message reaches the largest audience possible, without breaking the bank.

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