Site Navigation UX Has a Distinct Link to Conversions


Site Navigation UX Has a Distinct Link to Conversions

Site Navigation UX is More Important Than You Might Think.

Consumers visit and buy products from online stores on a daily basis experiencing a myriad of user interfaces. The navigation bar lies in the heart of these user interfaces. Creating a navigation bar that allows visitors or customers on your site to peruse with ease and efficiency is one of the most crucial components of any ecommerce store.

Focused Navigation to directed sales.

Navigation bars give consumers access to the products on your online store. This is rather important seeing that your goal is to sell products, so considering how your navigation bar is going to function is not something you want to take lightly.

When I say function I’m not only referring to how a navigation bar functions technically, but also how it functions aesthetically. The online world is saturated with ecommerce stores and it is becoming increasingly more important to make your site stand out, starting with the Navigation bar.

In other words, make your site navigation bar look pretty, prominent, and perusable. Does it?

Thinking creatively to generate interest.

When creating a navigation bar, thinking outside the box can give your online store the extra edge that your competitor is lacking. So make it unique; make the navigation experience one your customers will remember. Think about your favorite ‘real life’ in store experience.

Think about:

  • the atmosphere you were immersed in
  • the sounds you experienced
  • the visual and aesthetic presence the store impressed on you

All of these added to your in store experience will make you want to come back to that store. These same components can apply to your online store. Creating a well-designed navigation bar can either aid or impede your customer’s user experience, and ultimately determine weather or not they come back to your store. This also is proven out in growth driven design, where data collected shows what users prefer, and tend to click on. The design process is continuous using the data to enhance the user experience while dramatically increasing conversions.

Being able to find what you need is key for fast-paced online shopping. It all starts with your navigation.

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