The Designer & The Enduser


The Designer & The Enduser

I recently read a blog post off of (a great resource for any design news, advances, anecdotes, etc.) from Paul Ford that puts designers like you and me directly in the endusers shoes.

The time you spend is not your own. You are, as a class of human beings, responsible for more pure raw time, broken into more units, than almost anyone else. You spent two years learning, focusing, exploring, but that was your time; now you are about to spend whole decades, whole centuries, of cumulative moments, of other people’s time. People using your systems, playing with your toys, fiddling with your abstractions. And I want you to ask yourself when you make things, when you prototype interactions, am I thinking about my own clock, or the user’s?

If we are going to ask people, in the form of our products, in the form of the things we make, to spend their heartbeats—if we are going to ask them to spend their heartbeats on us, on our ideas, how can we be sure, far more sure than we are now, that they spend those heartbeats wisely? 

I consider the end user everyday, but reading these words I was struck by collectiveness of the experience between the designer and the enduser that Paul Ford elaborates. With the overabundance and access to design via the web, for designers like you and me, the rapport between us and our endusers is more important than ever. Creating a lasting experience that’ll make the enduser want to return again and again, is something that I consider with each design.

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