The Human Touch


The Human Touch

Blanton Museum

Last week I went to an exhibit called the Human Touch at the Blanton Museum at the University of Texas in Austin. It’s an exhibit on the human experience reflected in a variety of mediums such as photographs, paintings, drawings, and screen-prints.  I have been to this museum a few times before, but walking up to this colossal building I felt like I was experiencing it for the first time all over again.

It’s immense size is humbling and inspiring at the same time. The architecture itself is outstanding and is designed in the same vein as some of the original Spanish style buildings on campus. I immediately snapped a photo of the epic shadows in the arched walkway. Funny enough I made the connection that I was at that moment capturing my own human experience.

The Exhibit

The exhibit itself was good, obviously some of the work was stronger than others, but overall I felt that each artist captured either a form of their own human experience or that of others through striking and abstract portraits, figure studies, or a scene of human narrative.  One of my favorite pieces was a painting by Chuck Close, a portrait of a woman painted in little squares – ironically similar to the pixels I see everyday while creating web designs in Photoshop.

Seeing this exhibit made me think about how I bring my own human experience into design – whether it’s my web designs or personal graphic design I am creating something from my human experience that other humans will experience.

The Human Experience in My Daily Web Designs

Unlike the Human Touch exhibit my day-to-day web designs come with a lot more rules and control, which makes for an entirely different kind of human experience. I listen to the clients needs and then reflect that criterion through my own human experience to create a balanced design that will successfully sell product.

This kind of design isn’t the whimsical and natural human experience portrayed by the Human Touch exhibit, but it is a human experience non-the-less.

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