Top 10 Reasons To Make The Move To Stencil


Top 10 Reasons To Make The Move To Stencil

Top 10 Reason To Switch To Stencil Now

If you store is still sitting on the blueprint framework, your behind the curve. The time to switch to stencil is now.

There are an array of tools, features and improvements only accessible to stores on Stencil with the list growing every day. Not only are you missing out on these features but you could be hurting your business.

Here are the top 10 reasons on why you need to make the move to stencil.

1. Speed

  • rated 90 desktop and 74 mobile vs blueprints 74 desktop and unranked mobile
  • Bundled JS, single JS file for ALL, dramatically reduces network request
  • Dynamic image processing
  • Stylesheet compiler (SASS) faster and easier to edit theme, bundles all styles and fonts used into one file… dramatically reduces network requests

Want to read more about the benefits of stencil. Here is a great article on the Stencil platform: The Stencil Theme Platform

2. Google AMP

  • Special tag shown in search results
  • Potential for better search placement on mobile
  • Extremely faster load times on mobile

Want more info about Google AMP? Check out this bigcommerce blog post: Google AMP Worlwide

3. Automatic Image Optimization

  • Akamai Image Manager
  • Delivers resized images based on device type / size
  • This is free for BigCommerce customers – and available at cost for online stores across the web.

Check out this bigcommerce blog post to learn more about automatic image optimization: Automatic Image Optimization

4. Stored Credit Card Management

  • Users can add, edit, delete credit cards
  • Stored Credit Cards allows your customers to safely and securely store their credit card details so they are able to complete future purchases faster. It’s a convenient way for shoppers to get through the checkout process quickly and easily, improving conversions.
  • Card data is stored securely with the payment gateway.

5. Local Development

  • ability to review before going live without needing a sandbox
  • modifying theme is way easier, no more web-dav connections
  • easier to bundle and push version changes to live environment

6. Theme Editor

  • cross device preview
  • easily review and save common theme style updates, colors, fonts, sizes, settings
  • site customization can be controlled via theme editor e.g. sitewide message / search redirects

7. Localization

  • Easily control language and phrases used throughout the site
  • Implement internationalization for other languages with ease

8. Built from ground up for Mobile

  • Implements best coding practices to adhere to google’s ‘mobile friendly’ requirements
  • Handlebars

9. Access to New BigCommerce Features

  • New BigCommerce features will not be released to Blueprint themes
  • E.G. Stored Credit Card Management / Automatic Image Optimization

10. Access to Stencil only APPS

  • App developers are no longer support blueprint, future proof
  • A lot of the marketplace now will still support blueprint and developers have created 2 sets of code to work for both theme frameworks, but our fundamental assumption is this will degrade over time.
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