Travel & Design Go Hand in Hand


Travel & Design Go Hand in Hand

Beating the heat…

After a week in Philadelphia and Baltimore, I’m reminded why traveling is so important as a graphic designer – starting with getting away from my computer for a hot second to see that there is a world beyond the internet and my creative suite.

I flew to the northeast to visit family, hoping for a reprieve from the Texas heat. Unfortunately I was met with a heat wave that rivaled the double digits of my home base. Having a tolerance for such high temperatures I ventured into an unusually quiet downtown Philadelphia but nonetheless still seeping with the sights, sounds, and smells of the roots of America.  The City of Brotherly Love like any big city is saturated with colors, textures, patterns, typography and so much more that I can and do often use in my web design and personal graphic art works.

Old subway with nice color balancing.

Travel + Photography

As a graphic designer, exposing yourself to different environments can give you a broader visual catalogue that you can tap into every time you start a new project. That’s why photography is very important for any graphic designer to capture the colors, textures, patterns, and typography – to make that visual catalogue in your mind a tangible resource.

When I travel I take photos of everything and anything I find visually appealing because creative inspiration can materialize from just about anything.  It’s way more unique to use a texture or pattern that I’ve found in some old bar or restaurant in New York or Sydney versus using something from the Internet. Giving our clients original designs with original assets (ie patterns, textures, typography) instantly ups the value of our work not only fiscally, but also creatively.

Creating unique and distinct sites for our clients gives them an obvious edge over their competitors.

old bench - bwcool building texturesnational-typography

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