Using Etsy with BigCommerce

In today’s e-commerce world we are almost blinded by the possibilities when it comes to internet platforms to sell on.

Today I am speaking on Etsy and how this platform should properly be leveraged.

Some Etsy statistics

Etsy makes money by charging a listing fee of 20 cents for each item and getting 3.5% of every sale, with the average sale about $15 or $20 and mostly sold by women who tend to be college-educated and in their twenties and thirties. These statistics are a great reason to use the platform, however many users over look some observations I would like to bring to light here.

If you are serious about your business, as most folks would be if they are selling vintage collectibles, you want to set yourself up for success.

Etsy could be considered a niche eBay of its time and much like eBay it is prone to the listing trouble and user base dedication that many eBay business users found back in 2008.

Such trouble as:

  • Corporate structure changes
  • New Internet platforms that ‘do it better’
  • Change in collection fees
  • Increase in spam or negative business transactions

Being a pessimistic of course these could affect the user base of Etsy and in turn your business. eBay businesses that were once paying rent for mompreneurs across the country had to close their doors for similar reasons.

A solution.

So negative right? Get too the point you say! Okay fine…

I’m not suggesting to close your Etsy account at all, but I do highly recommend using an e-commerce website to platform your business. Your own entity, brand, and personality can be conveyed and used in conjunction with etsy and any other platform that you choose.

Brass tax.

The ideology is that your business should be founded upon one single sub entity. You should be looking for ways to increase your business and your reach to help your overall conversions. Setup shop with an e-commerce store from BigCommerce and tie it into your Etsy, eBay, Facebook, and every other sub platform your antiquated heart could desire!

BigCommerce makes it easy for you!

Our partners actually help you connect to various forms of these sub shops quite easily. While there is no direct link at the moment for Etsy you can easily create social environments to your product base via twitter and pinterest, sell on Facebook and eBay, and market to your vintage fan lovers through the use of integrated email marketing.

Brand your self. Promote your business. Set yourself up for success by expanding your eCommerce reach. Start a trial today for free and you’ll see what I mean.

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