Why Selling on Bigcommerce is Better than Etsy

I’m noticing a trend with small shop owners to want to start out selling their products on Etsy. Don’t get me wrong, Etsy has a unique appeal to most niche jewelry and clothing markets. But what it doesn’t have is an eCommerce shop and built in marketing tools with your own domain where you can build your brand. I’ll discuss the difference below.

Unlike a platform made to help you sell, Etsy is just a place where you can list your products for an amount that is well below your product’s value. In addition to this, they charge you fees such as the ones they explain on their pricing page:

  • It costs $0.20 to list an item for 4 months, or until it sells.
  • Once you sell your item, Etsy collects a 3.5% fee on the sale price.
  • Etsy is a breeding ground for idea stealing, so make sure you’re legally covered if someone steals your idea

Sounds like a gamble, right?

But If you are actually wanting to grow your business and your brand you should invest in a shopping cart with your own domain name. Bigcommerce is the fastest growing eCommerce platform out there and here’s some of its advantages:


  • Their smallest plan ($24.95) a month is a reasonable amount for hosting your own domain name and providing you with support along the way.
  • They have everything you need to sell your items and not only that, but you get to be in charge of creating the face of your store: your brand. You can use one of their templates or choose a custom design that we provide, helping you stand out.
  • Online shop owners that have their own domain and “Contact Us” page build trust and therefore conversion rates are higher than those selling on Etsy.
  • Their back end has fields to maximize SEO so when people search for an item online, your store will show up in search results (It’s best to consult an SEO professional prior to setting that up).
  • Bigcommerce provides a one time Success Squad appointment to aid in your store launch and make sure everything is set up properly.
  • Bigcommerce doesn’t take a portion of your online sales

Instead of being lumped right in with your competitors on the same platform, having your own eCommerce shop on Bigcommerce ensures that you have full control over your success. I see so many online store owners get frustrated with Etsy or Ebay with all the nickel and dime fees.

For example, by the time their item sold, they could barely call it profit. One online seller and blogger poses the interesting case of Etsy sellers leaving in droves and poses some good questions:

What’s driving these previous sellers away?

  • Is it the lack of business?
  • Is it the problem with copycat sellers?
  • Is it the competition or the fact that there are too many sellers?
  • Is it the lack of promotion or traffic to their shop? Source

The great thing about running your online store on your own domain name with a hosted platform is that it gives you full control. You don’t have to worry about fees suddenly rising or worse: having your storefront be shut down completely. That risk does exist when you give the key to your success to someone else.

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